Scrumptious stir-fry for the family

Stir-fry is a dish many people, adults and kids alike, seem to love. That popularity is perhaps because no two stir-fry dishes ever seem to be the same or because


5 Low Calorie Snacks that Stray Away from the Norm

Snacking may not seem like part of a healthy diet, but the right snacks can help men and women fight midday hunger without contributing to unwanted weight gain. The following


“Healthy” foods that may cause weight gain

A desire to lose weight compels many people to pursue healthy lifestyles. Foods dubbed as “healthy” foods may not help people lose as much weight as they hope. Consumers should


Find healthy foods while on the go

Nice weather often equates to an uptick in road trips. During such trips, motorists and their passengers will need to take breaks to refuel both their vehicles and their bodies.

Health & Wellness

How to get enough protein on a vegetarian diet

One of the first questions vegetarians are asked when acknowledging their dietary preferences is, “Are you getting enough protein?” Many people assume it’s impossible to consume sufficient protein on a

Home & Living

How to organize the pantry

Since the advent of supermarkets and warehouse stores, many food shoppers have embraced buying in bulk. Buying in bulk can help shoppers save money and avoid last-minute trips to the

Kids & Parenting

Make weeknight meals healthy and simple

Households in which both parents work and kids have school and extracurricular commitments can get a little hectic, particularly on weeknights. Parents who want to prepare nutritious dinners may feel


Dress up drab desserts

Decadent desserts are often the culmination of family meals or meaningful social occasions. Dessert signals the end of special events and lets guests know it is now acceptable for them